In an effort to help make your life a little easier, here are the links or phone numbers to download or request the Homestead Exemption forms that apply to all homeowners, those over 65, the disabled, disabled veterans, and surviving spouses.

Here are links to the Homestead forms for each county:
Travis County    Williamson County    Hays County   Bastrop CountyCall 512-303-1930 ext 22

Here are the links for filing your Homestead form online:
Travis County     Williamson County

Residence Homestead Exemption FAQ
Click Here to learn more about residence homestead exemption.

General information about Homestead Exemptions
Click here to read about how to know if you qualify for Homestead Exemptions
and what kind of exemptions are available to all homeowners

Homestead Exemptions for Homeowners age 65 and over or with disabilities
Click here to read about exemptions, limitations and special instructions 
for homeowners age 65 and over and homeowners with disabilities

Homestead Exemptions for disabled veteran homeowners
Click here
 to read about exemptions, limitations and special instructions 
for disabled veteran homeowners